Thursday, June 5, 2014

British Napoleonic Brigade 54mm

No new line/light infantry for Britain has been offered in 54mm for quite some time.  Fortunately you can still find it on ebay.  Below is the British Bde that has a solid winning streak on the billiards table.

Forty years' service and still shooting...
 Except for the scots... Anytime the brits take major casualties you can bet this unit gets hammered. A 40 year old set from Airfix, I lost my mind one day and cut up their feathered bonnets to reflect caps common in the revolutionary war.  Got lucky and secured a reasonably priced set that is undamaged so the scots may get a second battalion this year. 

 A Call to Arms has the best Brit set on the market with British light Infantry.  Think they serve well as pre 1812 line.  Robust, good poses easy to paint, just a terrific set. 

ACTA Lights charging.  The left leg can snap if you abuse them enough.

Firing line with Airfix Officer

Fully round models-great set.

Airfix line infantry in Belgic shakos.  Really good set that has stood the test of time,

ACATA Brit Arty-great set.

Size comparison with HaT, all match pretty well.

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