Friday, July 11, 2014

40mm HomeCast Napoleonics

This project was started decades ago when I was stationed in Germany.  Really liked ZinnBrigade molds for the toy soldier feel with enough detail to make them nice figures.  They are also fully  round.  Only drawback is limited opponents for the French, Brit heavy cavalry and Prussian infantry-all of whom appear to be left handed.  I made the Brit inf from molds of modified French and the bottom half of a Heyde Scot. Below are photos of a French relief forces being routed by a British BDE.

 British Brigade advances through crumbling French resistance.
 French Bn covers the retreat. The survivors of the French center stream past. 
 Left French Bn has to form square with threat from British light dragoons. Scots move up to deliver volley fire.
 Light dragoons began life a Prussian 1900 Uhlans.  Head swaps and a little filing made a master figure.  Silicone mold was simple, have a unit of chausseurs a cheval from the same model.
 Same mold with epoxy hat and cape.  The brigadier finds this as exciting as a good fox hunt. If he could find that castle on the map he'd know what to name this victory.
 Royal artillery prolongs to threaten any rescue attempt from the castle.  Heavy cavalry swings wide to cut off a French escape.
 Two home made British infantry molds, advancing and in reserve, make the Buffs, an Irish regiment and a detachment of rifles.  Scots required the sacrifice of a Heyde recast-but hey, can't have a British bde without Scots!  French litter the field while a attenuated bn tries to cover the retreat. Sauve qui peut!

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