Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Call to Arms French Infantry

I really like these sets as ACTA resisted the urge to include one un-useable pose on the sprue. The French are smaller than their HaT counterparts but well within acceptable tolerances.  Started 54mm war-gaming with 18 man battalions.  Decided to model the ACTA troops as six "companies" of 18 in the battalion or six battalions of 18 in the brigade. Think a command box of Officer, Standard bearer, NCO and Musician might sell well to round out these units- then again I'm pretty happy just to have French line . Can still pick these up for about $14 a box (16 soldiers) on Ebay.
 Grenadiers on the right, Voltigeurs on the left and line in the middle.  Officer is a borrowed Wurttemberg Brigadier(HaT Russian).  Officer in second unit from the right is a 40 year old Airfix figure.
 Voltigeurs Officer below is from the HaT French light Command set and stands half a head taller than his troops.
 Like the ability to use these units as companies or battalions.  En masse they make quite an impression.

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