Saturday, May 17, 2014

HaT Napoleonic Infantry

 These days I enjoy war gaming in 54mm.  The battlefield is a 5X9 Brunswick pool table circa 1903. The size accommodates seven or so units to a side.  I use 24 man infantry battalions, 8 trooper squadrons and batteries of 2 guns and eight gunners.  Most of the Napoleonic troops are from HaT.  The pictures above and below are of a Bavarian firing line (action and command sets).  The flag is bulky because I couldn't bring myself to cut the molded flag off the pole.  This is remedied by HaT in later sets. One day we might see cavalry and artillery sets (I know hatblogger72- nothing can be ruled out) But serviceable units should not be too hard to create with an exacto blade, glue and other mtd sets.

 Wurttemberg sided with Napoleon and gained significant territories as a result.  After losing most of the Wurttemberg division in Russia, the kingdom switched sides while managing to retain the new territories.  These are solid, professional if unenthusiastic troops.  Above is a battalion wheeling into a firing line.  The bases were too big for my stands so this is a happy compromise-I think they look pretty cool.

 The firing line.  While the right wing wheels into position , the center prepares to volley.  The left wing is reloading.  Note the Jaegers are covering the right as they execute a wheel.

 The general supports morale  from the rear.  There are old generals, there are bold generals- there are no old, bold generals. This is actually a HaT Russian officer on a Hat Dragoon horse.  The horses from that set were not bad and can be used for lots of conversions.  To keep this simple I repositioned the head and legs of the horse (boiling water then ice cube bowl) turned the general's head to the right a bit and added a sword arm from the Wurttemberg command set. The rest was paint and there you have it-a Wurttemberg Infantry brigadier.

 Wurttemberg light infantry were considered elites.  Don't know why HaT chose the 1814 Jaeger uniforms to go with pre 1812 line infantry but all is forgiven with these great poses.  Love the NCO giving directions- don't think "please" is what he is saying.
 HaT Dragoon set cut and painted into a passable AWI British light dragoon.  HaT early production could be hit or miss.  The Napoleonic line are pretty much works of art in my humble opinion.
 Solid Prussians holding their ground.  Like the way the flag is a well molded standard to which a paper banner can be glued.  Really appreciate HaT making these products at such a reasonable price and hope they make a good profit at it. 

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