Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Italeri Napoleonic Cavalry

 When it comes to Napoleonic 54mm Cavalry I think the company of choice is Italeri.  I got mine before they went out of production but you can still find them on Ebay with some regularity.  The picture  shows  from left to right an Italeri French Hussar, Italeri Scots Grey, HaT Dragoon, Italeri Dragoon and another Italeri Hussar.

The Scots Greys have seen a lot of action in the billiards room-Red coats and grey horses are pretty striking. This set suffers from two trumpeters and two firing troopers (not shown) in an 8 figure set.  Note one trumpeter has had an arm repositioned.  The two firing models have a date with the exacto blade soon.  Why would one choose those poses for heavy cavalry? 

The Hussars are a truly beautiful set.  Though too large compared to the dragoons, all poses are useful and well done.


The French Dragoon set may be the best cavalry set done in 54mm. Poses are dramatic without being over the top. I bought two boxes to make a 12 man unit.  The 3 extra trumpeters may see life again as Wurttemberg light dragoons. Italeri also makes post 1812 British light dragoons.  They are very large and one of the horses has an impossible foot position.

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